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Enhanced Voids – Wakefield District Housing

Certus Construction Services – WDH – Enhanced Voids

Client: Wakefield District Housing

Contract: JCT Measured Term Contract 2016

Duration: Up To 28 Months

Scope: Enhanced Voids

Certus Construction Services are proud to announce the signing of a new contract with a local housing association, Wakefield District Homes!

We will be supporting the organisation in refurbishing void properties across the Wakefield district.

WDH is one of the UK’s largest social housing providers with 32,000 homes across the district and across the north of England.

We will be refurbishing enhanced (major) voids including kitchens, bathrooms, heating installations, electrical installations, external works and all associated remedial works.

The contract period including extensions is 28 months and we will be starting on site Monday 29th January 2024.

This contract marks a significant chapter in Certus Construction Service’s story, and as a Wakefield based business we are eager to create a positive impact on our local landscape.

We are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings, and we look forward to sharing the journey with all of you.

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